How many characters are in the FNAF franchise?

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So that means in FNaF main series games alone, there is….. *drum role please* ……. 137 characters in total!!!

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Also know, how many FNAF characters are there in total?

In Five Nights at Freddy's, there are five animatronics, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Freddy and an easter egg, Golden Freddy.

Similarly, how many animatronics are in the FNAF franchise? The animatronics were made by "Fazbear Entertainment" (excluding animatronics from Sister Location), but according to novel series, the original four animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy) were made by Henry Emily. Despite this it does not say that Golden Freddy was made by Henry.

Regarding this, who are all the characters in FNAF?


Animatronics Freddy Fazbear • Bonnie • Chica • Foxy • Fredbear • Spring Bonnie • Golden Freddy • Springtrap
Others Paperpals • Crying Child • Virtua-Freddy • Purpleguy • Animdude • Coffee • Mr. Chipper
NPCs/Vendors Lolbit • Dee Dee • Mendo • 8-Bit Fredbear • Old Man Consequences • Desk Man • Baby

Who is the best animatronic in FNAF?

Top Ten Best Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Animatronics

  • Foxy Foxy is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.
  • Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Toy Chica.
  • Old Bonnie.
  • The Puppet.

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Does Freddy Fazbear exist?

(Fun Fact: this pizzeria is the one Fazbear Entertainment is most known for. Hence why we named the website Freddy Fazbear's Pizza instead of Fazbear Entertainment.) So the Truth is….. IT DID EXIST!

Is Golden Freddy good?

Golden Freddy's FNaF2 appearance. Golden Freddy now takes a form mimicking Withered Freddy's appearance as a unique model of his own. He appears to be in a decrepit state, much like the other withered animatronics, with a missing left ear, and a good deal of damage with loose wires and exposed parts.

Who caused the bite of 87?

The Bite of '87 was an incident that occurred in 1987. It was briefly mentioned by Phone Guy in the first game. The details of this attack (and the identity of the animatronic responsible) were not given, but it allegedly caused the loss of the frontal lobe of the victim's brain.

What is Foxy's human name?

Foxy the Fox, also known as Foxy, also called the character in Pirate Cove, is a unique enemy in Five Nights at Freddy's.

Is mangle a girl?

so, remember the teaser that "confirmed" mangle's a girl? well, scott recently moved mangle away from chica, and, he has a hook. this means that mangle is a pirate. now, yes, there are female pirates, but there are also female doctors, and male nurses.

Is Funtime Foxy a girl?

Funtime Foxy's gender is mixed between male and female pronouns in the Freddy Files, similar to how he was in-game prior to Ultimate Custom Night and Mangle.

Is Bonnie a girl?

Bonnie is a Scottish given name for either girls or boys, and is sometimes used as a descriptive reference. It comes from the Scots language word "bonnie" (pretty, attractive), or the French bonne (good). That is in turn derived from the Latin word "bonus" (good). The name can also be used as a pet form of Bonita.

Who is the most popular FNAF character?

so if you look at the four main characters from fan app 1 Freddy Bonnie chica and foxy foxy is the most unique out of all of those characters Freddy Bonnie and chica all have very similar body shapes. especially Freddy and Barney Freddy. and Barney are pretty much identical besides.

Who is Rwqfsfasxc?

RWQFSFASXC is a shadow-like Animatronic that haunts both the old and new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, appearing in both FNaF2 and FNaF3. Being a ghost animatronic, RWQFSFASXC takes the form of a silhouetted Toy Bonnie. Although RWQFSFASXC does not appear to be hostile, it can kill the player on sight.

Is five nights at Freddy's based on a true story?

No. Five Nights at Freddy's is fiction. The restaurant is based on Chuck E. Like all animatronic characters, they are controlled via mechanisms that extend through the floor beneath them and cannot be separated from them, so there is no way they can leave their stages and move through the restaurant on their own.

Is Lolbit a male or female?

Like Mangle and Funtime Foxy, Lolbit does not have a confirmed gender. If we go just by what we have been directly told, Lolbit is a boy. It's a boy with huge eyelashes and makes dog noises.

Who was the first FNaF animatronic?

All of the original animatronics' names (Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Freddy) have the first syllable accented. Golden Freddy is nicknamed as "Yellow Bear" in the first game's files. His name was conjectural until the second game where he was officially referred to as Golden Freddy.

Who is the yellow guy in FNaF?

Yellow Guy. Jerry Smith, also known as Yellow Guy, is the man who originally designed Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy after the FNAF2 Pizzeria closed. Having a rare case of jaundice, his skin and eyes are permanently yellow, and so is his shirt. He wears black shoes and pants as well.

What animal is mangle FNaF?

Title. Phantom Mangle is a phantom animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

What is Springtrap made of?

History. Springtrap is a withered, decayed spring suit, in which William is trapped. Spring Bonnie was an animatronic functioning with "spring-locks", created alongside Fredbear, and one of the first animatronics created in the Fazbear and Fredbear collective franchise.

What happened to Michael Afton?

He was locked inside the room he died in, and eventually, when FNaF 3 came around, he reemerged to hunt down his son Michael, who was the night guard at the time. When Michael set the place on fire on the 'fifth night', he survived. Michael also died in the fire.