How did the turtle man die?

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Neal James, the bushy bearded “Banjo Man” from the Animal Planet series The Call of the Wildman, has died. He was 55 and had been battling cardiac issues, according to the Washington County Coroner's Office in his home state of Kentucky.

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Also know, did turtleman die of a heart attack?

"Turtleman suddenly died in his house in Geumho-dong. According to police's legal medical doctor who examined him, Turtleman suffered a myocardial infarction [or more commonly referred to as heart attack]. He seems to have died in sleep," announced Turtle's camp. Turtleman was operated in 2005 due to a heart attack.

Also Know, what was Turtle Man's catchphrase? yayyayyayyayayyayo

Similarly, it is asked, what happened to the turtle man?

Named after Ernie "The Turtleman" Brown, Jr.'s signature yelp, Call of the Wildman ran for four seasons before mysteriously disappearing from the airwaves. His unique style of catching dangerous prey, usually with his bare hands, quickly grew a rabid fanbase, but the show abruptly stopped after its fourth season.

What is turtleman worth?

Turtle Man net worth: Turtle Man is a television personality and animal advocate who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Born in Washington County, Kentucky, Turtle Man, also known as Ernie Brown, Jr., is the subject of the Animal Planet series, "Call of the Wildman".

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Who said live action?

Ernie Brown, Jr.

How old is the turtleman?

Ernie Brown Jr Wiki/Bio, Age
He was born on March 28, 1965, in Lebanon, Kentucky, United States and his current age is 53.

How much does turtleman make per episode?

Ernie Lee Brown Jr. is a famous animal rescue and is the owner of the show named 'Call of the Wildman' which is telecasted on Animal Planet. He earns approximately $27000 per episode.

Is Call of the Wildman on Netflix?

Netflix USA: Call of the Wildman is available on Netflix for streaming.

Why did Call of the Wildman get Cancelled?

Cook suggested that the show was canceled due to a lack of popularity among viewers: Call of the Wildman has not been resonating with Canadian audiences and the decision was made not to move forward with Season 3 this month as previously announced.

What did Neal James die from?

WKYT. Neal James died from natural causes Friday. He was found at his home in Washington County. The 55-year-old Animal Planet star was known as "The Banjo Man" on the television show "The Call of the Wildman".

What is Turtle Man's buddy's name?

Ernie Brown, Jr., known as the Turtle Man, entertains crowds by catching snapping turtles with his bare hands in farm ponds around Lincoln and Marion Counties.

Is turtleman Dead 2019?

The coroner said James died Feb. 1 at approximately 1 a.m. at his home in Kentucky. A video clip of his music is above. James was the sidekick to series star Ernie Brown Jr., aka “The Turtleman.” The reality show aired from 2011 to 2014 and followed the exploits of a Kentucky nuisance animal removal business.

Who is turtleman's girlfriend?

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Portrayed by Jerry Ferrara
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Is Call of the Wildman still alive?

Neal James, who appeared on Animal Planet's "Call of the Wildman," has died at 55, according to People and The Wrap. Deputy Coroner Freddie Carey of the Washington County Coroner's Office confirmed the Feb. 1 death to the news sites, saying James died in his Kentucky home.